Saturday, 30 August 2008

Saturday 30th August 2008

I now know why sweet corn is called sweet...corn.

Because it really is very sweet and corny.

I picked some from our allotment about 10 minutes ago. Ran home, steamed it and then plunged it in a little melted butter. Salted is best.

I then proceeded to sink my teeth into what can only be described as the most perfect corn on the cob I have ever eaten. None of the sugar had turned to starch as happens when there is a delay from plant to pot.

The kernels were just resistant enough to my teeth as to give me the impression that they wanted to see if I was worthy enough to take on their flavour.

When they finished resisting and realised that I was indeed worthy they gave me the ulitimate prize – the best meal I have had in years.

A simple corn on the cob, eaten standing in my kitchen with butter dribbling down my chin and bits stuck in my teeth.