Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Angel in Long Crendon...Ladies Day

A week or so ago, The Angel held another 'Ladies Lunch' - hosted by myself and Marcia.

I didn't think that early August would be terribly popular - surely everyone would be on holiday? How wrong I was.

Sixty ladies booked and turned up for the day. (The most ever)

Sixty ladies came to eat recipes from my book, cooked by Trevor and his brigade of chefs.

Sixty ladies sipped and quaffed food-matched wine by Marcia Waters.

Sixty ladies had a fabulous time.

And so did I.

In fact, such a good time, that on signing my books, I may have made a few 'wine-induced' mistakes. Sorry Carol. Oops and all that!

If you want a delicious time out, I can highly recomment The Angel. You can even stay the night there.

And if you want some wonderful wines then go no further than Marcia Waters, MW.

And...if you want some yummy recipes....well,(I insist!) you need look no further than my new cookery book. Have I mentioned this before??!! See review below and by all means feel free to buy one or...two!

And if you do go to The Angel, then pop into Thame (Market town next door) and visit the fabulous Bookhouse. www.thebookhousethame.co.uk

You can buy one there too.

See above - dodgy picture of me by my book in the shop.

Sad eh?

Well yes, a little...but proud!

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