Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Prop me up then Scrum me down!!

I'm going to go out on a limb here. I may lose all dignity and I fear you may think less of me as a result.
But I'm going to say it anyway.

The person who made the decision at The Rugby World Cup a few years ago that the players should wear new tight tops and slightly tighter shorts, should, in my opinion receive a Knighthood.

There. Said it.

I was at Twickenham last weekend at the St George's Day Match between the lovely London Wasps (whom I support) and Bath.

We lost.
Well, actually we were somewhat trounced.

That aside, I have to say the whole thing went by me in a haze of muscular shoulders, pert bottoms, firm thighs and 2 pints of cider. (It's the law to drink that at a match... Lotte's law).

I became all unnecessary when the reserve team warmed up in readiness in front of me.
My distraction was at a peak as they stretched and bent over (somewhat knowingly I like to think) in front of my face.
I thought I stood a chance - yes really. Until I realised that the chances of pulling a twenty year old rugby ace might actually be a little out of my reach nowadays!.

Help was at hand however as the couple of chaps sitting behind me (late forties I think... ) tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was 'that lady who cooks on the tv'. More my age. And fans. Cheered me up.

So, please can we start a campaign to honour the inspired man or woman who decided to clothe these gorgeous young men in tight, tight tops.
Can we write to the government and start a petition to put this person in front of the Queen for a thoroughly good Knighting.

I, obviously will be the first to sign.

Are you with me?

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Lotte's Country Kitchen - My Book!! Available now for Pre-Order on Amazon.

A slightly different riff on the country kitchen format, "Lotte's Country Kitchen" oozes tied-with-a-pink-bow charm and wonder. Honest, home-cooked food this might be, but it is sprinkled all over with edible silvery glitter, writing that is peppered with verve and wit and recipes that link together via sweet and saucy anecdote and the occasional gin and tonic. From days spent level with the sway of her mother's apron strings through to a career in catering and presenting on many TV programmes and networks, Lotte's life has evolved around food. Her country kitchen cookbook is filled with gorgeous and ever-so-slightly naughty recipes and stunning photography which capture the very special, very magical, pink, and twinkling world of a genuine cooking talent.

About the Author
Lotte Duncan has presented and starred in numerous TV programmes, including Countryfile, Cooking the Books and ITV's Dial A Mum. some alongside such stellar names as James Martin, and was for many years the face of UKTV Food's Great Food Live. She is professional cook with many years' experience. Her beautiful cottage and garden - where this book was photographed - have featured in many interiors and gardening periodicals. She lives in Buckinghamshire.