Monday, 4 January 2010

Lost: One brain.

If you do find my brain in the lost and found or even perhaps at one of the various parties I've attended over the last couple of weeks; perhaps you could return it to me.
It's gone - mulched with Christmas fizz and pre-Christmas work overload. I think the last remaining synapse was taken by the frost and as I sit here, at my desk and freeze my toes off (if I was a bloke, it would obviously be my nuts!)I believe there is nothing for it but to ..... eat cake.

Piping hot Pea and Ham soup did help, that third cup of strong tea was enormous help in enabling me to keep my head vertical. However now, without any shadow of a doubt, there really is only one way forward.

A large slice of squidgy, buttery, light and fluffy cake.Or any of the above from my Christmas Foodie Fair would be fine.