Thursday, 19 January 2012


Since Lotte's Kitchen opened on April 30th last year our cakes have gained quite a reputation. Not the bad kind you understand - but the delicious, naughty and decadent reputation that I've been nuturing most of my life.

Our cakes are different, a little quirky and by no means formal. We love a bit of glitter and we decorate them with abundance.
We can of course tone it down if required, but generally we find that our customers are demanding more glitter and yet more colour to brighten up their days.

We bake daily and sometimes hourly for the cafe - such is the demand for a slice of cake with a pot of tea. And we also bake to order many times a week for all sorts of celebrations. Below are just a few of the photos we've taken over the last few months - to give you an idea of what we do.

If you would like to order a cake from us then just give us a ring on 01844 355985 or pop in and see us in Chinnor, Oxfordshire. We can discuss all your cakey requirements and make you a wonderful cake or perhaps some Iced Fancies for any special day - don't forget Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Easter are just around the corner!