Friday, 15 May 2009


Or something.

You know I went to bed last night on such a high.
So often, the day can be irritating and the people in it, pains in the bum.

On occasion, I find that even though the work day has gone well with all the results expected, and clients or directors are pleased with what I've done, I still feel bugger all satisfaction!

Yesterday however I just the best time.

Okay, it was exciting because it was the first photography day for my book. A book I have been waiting years to write and a book that will eventually contain all the recipes I've been stuffing down my friends and family for years!

And of course the weather held out, my food behaved itself and my pimped up charity shop trolley looked great on camera. (although we did have wheel casualty a couple of times as we rolled it across the lawn!)

I really mustn't forget my fat cat Honey lying in the sun on cue, stretching a paw and looking direct to camera as cute as can be just as the shutter closed. A terrible media tart.

I really would however, like to forget my other wretched cat trotting through the garden from the field with a dead rabbit in her mouth, just when we were all admiring the early summer evening. (note to self - no need to feed The Woozle today)

Everything about the day was wonderful.
Matt, the Art Director from Absolute Press, Lara Holmes the photographer and I, all had the same vision and we worked together as though we had been doing so for many years.

I was chuffed to bits with the final set of pictures and knackered beyond belief.
But I went to bed on such a happiness high, with a huge feeling of satisfaction and that's something I will treasure for a very long time.

Enjoy my, not-quite-as-good photos of the day. (don't give up the day job Lotte!)