Thursday, 19 March 2009

Beautiful Bath - meeting my publisher Absolute Press

Bath belongs to Jane Austen, so to be true to this gorgeous place and in the best possible taste, my musings of yesterday's trip to see my publisher shall be the following...

My dearest Fanny,

Bath was simply delightful. I arrived on one of those magical March days, that bring sunshine, warmth and so much optimism to it's people. Smiles adorned the faces of the dear little children playing so happily amongst the sparkling daffodils.
Bath stone refects light beautifully and I have to confess that I did, for one small moment, believe I was a character in a fairy tale just like the ones dear Mother used to tell us when we were small.

Fanny dear, words cannot explain the joy surrounding my venture into Bath. I own in fact to have such excitement, that Miss Honey is finding my skipping around the house, just a little irksome.

I have met with a publisher who at this very moment, I fancy, is discussing arrangements for my receipts to be read and, I would hope, be appreciated by polite society across our green, springtime isle. Perhaps I will, one day learn of my dishes being served at the tables of dear friends and family and further afield such as Bristol and Oxford. I imagine this to be more thrilling than tea with Lord Dartington.

My publisher, a Mr Jon Croft and his editor Mrs Meg Avent took me out to lunch at a most favourable house. We ate seafood and some beef, that I believe was cooked for just one minute. It was so very tender. The weather was oh so warm, and I confess to having taken just a little too much sun on my nose. I do believe I have some freckles - you must send me your remedy to remove them as soon as possible.

I travelled back to my cottage yesterday afternoon, after a day of such gaiety in the sun filled town of Bath. My memory of a day spent in the company of professional well read individuals will stay with me for a long time. My contract of employment is due to be drawn up this week and then I will arrange my time to produce some delicious receipts.
I recall a conversation about making pictures of my dishes, I own to not being entirely sure how they will do this. Perhaps an etching, oil or a strange method called digital.
I fear I am a little outfoxed with this strange modern language, but be assured Fanny I will do my best to learn.

I will be calling on you in the very near future. A time spent with my dear sister is a time I genuinely look forward to. Please, do send my kind regards to Captain D'Arssey,

Yours with affection
Lady Lotte.