Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It's Snow Joke!! Boom boom!

Oh, please indulge me a little for my appauling joke. It's what happens when you have to cross a snowy mountain pass, avoiding four avalanches just to buy some milk.

The whole country has ground to a halt and actually I think it's rather wonderful. It's about time we all slowed down a bit and stopped looking so harrassed.

So we couldn't get to work or school or even the shops. It gave us the chance to behave like ten year olds and lob snowballs at one another, slide down the hill on our bums and build deformed snowmen.

Everything is a bit miserable at the moment and we are all being told it's doom and gloom. I saw more smiles on peoples faces yesterday, as they played with their children or indeed played like children, than I have in a long time.

I think we are all rather lovely in this country - and even though we are often told not to enjoy ourselves - yesterday put my faith back in old blighty, as we ignored work, school and chores and went out and tumbled in the snow.

Absolutely bloody marvellous!