Thursday, 16 April 2009

Eye Eye!

On Sunday I, like the most of the population stuffed a chicken, roasted it and then devoured it alongside sausages, bacon, cauli cheese and many vegetables.

I'm wondering however, if anyone else had the same incident filled, accident prone lunch as me.

Forgive me for saying 'paxo' in a food blog - but my daughter loves a bit of paxo sage and onion stuffing - as do I!
I know, I'm sorry.

Unfortunately we didn't have our usual dusty box at the back of the larder, which is bought out on feast days and holidays. So, I with great confidence told Daisy that because I was a fabulous cook, in the business for twenty-five years and capable at turning my hand to anything - I would make her some proper stuffing. It would only involve onion, sage, bread, egg and some seasoning. It was time Daisy, to be bold and take on the stuffing big boys..

I found a little sage in my garden, gathered in the onion and egg, but couldn't find any bread. Ping! Remembered there was some crusts in the freezer - always keep them for breadcrumbs.

So, I popped them in my food processor - having forgotten that the day before the lid had split a little. (on the list of super glue to do's).

Full force whizzing was put into action and within seconds the lid had ripped apart and lumps of frozen bread were attacking me from all angles.

I didn't think bread could be quite so aggressive.

I tried to fend them off as best I could, but suddenly one piece of particularly accurate b******d bread got me in the eye. Smack on the eye ball.
I yelped, clutching my eye with one hand, still trying to ricochet other pieces away from me with the other.
Daisy heard my panic, came to the rescue and managed, through the snowstorm of frozen crumbs to turn the food processor off.
In the nick of time, because quite soon I think the blade may also have tried to escape from it's plastic bowl.
Gawd bless her.

The rest of lunch did pass off without too much incident - although after a couple of Gin and Tonics (purely medicinal you understand) I may have forgotten the steaming vegetables and let them boil dry.

It was the shock you see!