Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Fire Pit 2....The Re-Dig!

They arrived together. Shovels in hand, boots on feet.

Grunting, posturing, swaggering and beating their chests to the rhythm of Neanderthal man.

'Woman, beer!' is all they could say as they stood over the mole-ruined pit and surveyed their potential work.

It was a warm summer's evening. The midges were out. Danger was all around.
Their primeval instincts took over as they re-dug the fire pit and bickered about where to put the stones.

Man has been building fire for thousands of years.

These men were no different.

Well, actually they were.

It all fell apart towards the end when no one could decide where to put the stones. Bits caved in, tempers, although not frayed, were a little taught and when they had left, I had to re-build a small part of it!

However, I would like to point out, that Nick, Simon and Dave are total stars.

They all live in my lane and are married to some of The Husseys.(for definition of Husseys, you need to read my archive) They are fabulous fun, lovely chaps and always there to help.

So thank you gentlemen. The fire pit has recovered from it's mole infestation. It is now ready to cook up a storm.

Here's to all the future, fabulous fire pit nights we'll have over the summer!