Thursday, 23 September 2010

Burning the Summer Away...

Last Saturday we all got together for the last fire pit of the year.

Much wood and tree bits were burnt, including the first of my autumn cut back. We cooked the food from the Fire Pit Chapter in my book....Lamb with garden herbs, Flatbreads, Cheesy Mustard Pull-Apart Bread,Vegetables in Foil and Sausage and Bean Casserole.
We drank far too much than is probably sensible....ate too much pudding - Jamakewell Tart and Chocolate Mess (no pictures of this unfortunately - it was too dark by the time we ate it..and I was probably a bit too tidly to hold the camera!)....And generally said goodbye to Summer and hello to the cold mornings and chilly evenings of Autumn.

I believe (for it is a little bit hazy) that we may have heralded it in rather well !

It really was a wonderful time - a warm fire brings people together. It comforts us, cuddles us and keeps the wild animals at bay. It enables us cook delicious food, gives us the ability to tidy up the garden and when sat around it, makes us all just stop, relax and take time to chat and laugh until we need the loo!

At some point, towards midnight, a couple of us snoozed, one or two snored and those still conscious, loaded on the logs and kept us all warm.

My poor head paid tribute to our fireside ramblings and sloe gin drinking around the toasty fire the next morning. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you want to try cooking on a Fire Pit..all you need is my book (Lotte's Country Kitchen) for the recipes, some quite bonkers friends (we all have a few of those) and some wood and matches.
Plus of course a fit young man to dig it favourite bit!

Everyone must help though (that's the best bit).... this can be building the fire, cooking the flat breads or simply icing the cinnamon rolls (thanks Alice, Olive and Maddy)!

You can buy my book at all good bookshops or pop onto Amazon and order it there.

Let me know how you get on!