Wednesday, 22 April 2009


No real reason to blog, nothing exceptional has happened. I just wanted to show you my current view. The one from my outside desk.

This April weather is stunning; the sky is clear, the breeze is warm, I can't hear anything except the birdies and my cat is still fat. As I said nothing exceptional!

At ten o'clock this morning, I took my computer outside, plugged it in, placed in on my garden table under the parasol and set to work. Sitting in my office just wasn't an option. One of the perks of being self-employed and working from home.
(We won't mention the non-perks of working out your own tax, chasing payments and no holiday or sick pay!!)

I have written seven recipes for my cookery school today - planned menus for my demonstrations and worked on my book.

Only problem - and this is a big one.
The hammock is taunting me for a little lie down under the blossomed apple tree and the wretched lawn needs mowing... and the weeds....oh the weeds are multiplying before my very eyes!
I can see them sneaking up through my sweet rocket and lupins. They are visibly writhing in ecstasy as the sun evaporates the nightime dew. I'm trying to keep my eyes firmly on the screen, doing my best not to get up and start plucking the little beggars out.

I wonder if I should cut the lawn just a bit shorter this week, and perhaps I'll give the edges their bi-weekly trim. Should I dead-head some daffs? Cut some old wood out of the large shrub roses? I'm sure my Rambling Rector needs some help climbing the old damson tree.

Oh,I don't know, this outside desk lark really does ask for a lot of discipline. Not entirely sure I'm cut out for it...perhaps I'll just have a wee rock in the hammock and plan my next recipe instead...