Thursday, 28 May 2009

IRIS, my little beauty.....

Oh the joy!

The pure joy that is my lovely Iris.

Three long years, I've been waiting for this gorgeous, frilly flower to show me what it's made of.
Three years of gently feeling the leaves for that tell tale swelling that contains this decadent, over the top little number.

And finally, it has.

This is indeed the campest of all flowers, the pantomime dame of the gardening world.

I love little Miss Iris, and I do believe that if I can still get happiness through a flower showing me it's beauty, then all is right with the world.

Please click on the pictures to get a closer look.


On another note, stinky cat brought in another baby rabbit last night. My daughter and I were watching a bit of TV and in bounced the rabbit, shortly followed by The Woozle.
Woozle could see by the hysterical weeping that perhaps it was a bad move, so slunk out.
Daisy and I spent half an hour debating who was going to rescue the bunny that was now in the corner of the fire place.

With gardening gloves on, determination - and for some reason terror at the tiny bundle of fluff - I gently picked it up and popped it back down in the field at the end of the garden. Don't worry, it was uninjured.

We were then left with the Woozle problem.
She had to be bought back into the house, so the bunny had a chance.

A tin of tuna was the answer. The sound of the tin opener, the cries of 'Tuuuuunnnaa' and the smell was too much temptation for the killer cat to take.

In she trotted with an air of nonchalance.

Cat flap locked. Rabbit saved.