Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Go to www.digitalrednose.com and you too could look as silly as me!


Yesterday I did a 'mini' launch of my new cake range on QVC's Morning Show. A taster of things to come - literally!
For this show you have to be in the studio by 6am to prep. It's getting easier to be up and about now as it's just that little bit lighter and dare I say it warmer! So, I arrived, had a cup of tea with Jo the fabulous lady who runs the prep kitchen and set about prepping for the show. Then I applied a 'drag queen' amount of make up, so I would look healthy and glowing under the studio lights. It takes an awful lot of make up because the lights are very harsh - especially for a woman in her twenties like me!
We decided to sell just two of my nine lines in cakes on the day - a range I have been developing with a company of artisan bakers in the New Forest. Names like Pink Squidgy Cake sum up my cakes - they are decadent, delicious and just a little bit naughty!
We wanted to tease the viewers with my cakes in anticipation of the main one hour show on March 26th at 2pm - Lotte Duncan's Cakes and Desserts where we will be selling the whole range. And it worked and we did sell a fabulous amount in just 12 minutes - such is the power of QVC.
On Thursday I am filming the promo advert for my show - it is going to be very different from normal promos on QVC, however I will still be filling my face with my cakes on it, so I obviously won't be straying too far away from my normal behaviour!!

So watch this space...and do tune into QVC on March 26th. Sky channel 640, Freeview 16, Virgin 740 or FreeSat 800. And if you tune in during the week before, you should catch the promo - judging by the script I have recieved, it's going to be hilarious!