Monday, 12 July 2010

Cluckerty Cluck

I'm think I'm going to get some chickens. Been on my mind for a while now.
I've cleared away an area full of scrappy shrubs. It's still shaded and nicely tucked away by my patio. I think they'll be happy there.

I used to have a pet chicken called Matilda. She was rescued from a battery farm in the seventies and came to live with us in the country. Matilda survived for a long time after, was quite the character and when she finally passed away, received an obituary in our village newspaper.
She was often seen trotting along the pavement and on occasion she found her way into the back of the post office van. The postman oblivious, only realised he had a stowaway when her head popped up in his rear view mirror. She never caused an accident, but I think it was close once or twice!

Now..what to get.

I've always had a thing about Buff Orpingtons. They are matronly fluffy ginger coloured chickens and I know they would stand up to my cats. Very feisty old birds!

In fact, bit worried now...have a feeling I'm going for a Buff only because they resemble so closely, Honey - my Labrador sized cat with an appetite to match.

What do you think?

I shall call them Mary, Mabel and Martha!