Thursday, 21 May 2009

Sunshine Cooking and Eating....

Take six lovely ladies and drop then in the English countryside.

Add a ray or two of sunshine and tempt them with a fairy cake...

Let them try your Home-made Sloe Gin and Elderflower Vodka. Hic!

Demonstrate simple summer food that is easily prepared and cooked.

Take them on a hunt for nettles and wild garlic. Convince them that once the nettles are cooked, there won't be need of dock leaves - or indeed Piriton!

Settle them in the sun, surrounded by roses and sweet rocket.
Throw in some wine and splosh in a sweet baby (not compulsory!).

And what you have is ... well I'll let you decide that from the pictures....

If you want to join me on one of my English Country Cookery Days, please email me for more details at

Menu for The Simply Summer Picnic:

Orange Fairy Cakes with Glitter Icing

Chicken Liver and Pork Terrine with Brandy
Chilli Jam
Lotte's Bread
Sorrel, Nettle and Wild Garlic Tart with Cheesey Pastry
Broad Bean and Mint Salad
English Herb and Flower Salad
Sloe Gin Summer Pudding with Sloe Gin Cream

White Chocolate, Cherry and Rum Raisin Nibbles with Coffee