Friday, 19 March 2010

Saucy Spring

It's all getting a bit frisky in my garden. Mr Blackbird is chasing the Mrs and becoming all unnecessary as the weather warms, the sun shines and we all say a farewell to what has been a long and nippy winter.
He's building the nest, flapping around and fluffing his feathers in anticipation of a bit of hanky panky.

I know how he feels.

I'm definitely feeling a bit more chipper now that I don't need to leave the house with scarf, gloves, boots and lipsalve. I may not have taken to chasing young men down the road,(just give me time) but I certainly have a lighter spring in my step!

I did a bit of cutting back and primrose planting yesterday. I started off a few plants in seed trays and embalmed myself with the warm sun and a southerly wind in the late afternoon. Sigh.

Today, I'm about to start the food prep for the last photography shoot of my book. Yes, nearly there.
I'm being edited as we speak.

I've seen a taster of the style and am overwhelmed by the beauty of the photography from Lara and the skill of the Art Director Matt, in turning my words and a bit of food into something truly fabulous.

I just can't wait to see the finished book and hold it in my hands.
Many tears of joy will be shed and I may just become a bit of a bore - 'Have you read my book?'...'Have you seen my book?'..... 'Oi, have you bought my book!?'

I'm sure I'll be walking into bookshops and rearranging their shelves to show my baby off to it's best advantage! Perhaps I'll remove Nigella, Delia and friends off, and plonk my book in their place. Or perhaps this is bad sport.

Nah, every woman for herself!

So, I'd better fly and finish the food. In the meantime, have a look at the photos above - all taken over the last few months whilst shooting the food in my cottage.
I hasten to add that they are my photographs (with dodgy lighting and technique!) and not the lovely Lara's.

My book Lotte's Country Kitchen is available to pre-order on Amazon.
Just tap in Lotte Duncan - and low and behold, it comes up!