Monday, 18 August 2008

Friday 15th August 2008

Just got back from a few days at Daisy’s new university house. It’s her second year and she is sharing with some fellow rowers. We’ve been there painting and doing up her new bedroom.

Now, I’ve got to this stage of my life with only a flowery hammer and four colour coded, feather embossed screwdrivers to my name; but a short trip to a hardware shop later and I am POWER TOOL WOMAN!

Subtitle – Drill Babe with cordless screwdriver encore!

No shelf, mirror, curtain rail or wardrobe door is safe when I retrieve my power tools from the toolbox. Yes, I also have one of those – it’s pink of course, with a smidgen of home-produced decoupage, as there are limits to my macho DIY exploits!

My first drilling experience was a little circumspect. My drill bit of initial choice was a little thin, so when I drilled into the wall, and pulled it out - I found to my extreme embarrassment, that the bit was still firmly in the wall, snapped off with half an inch left in the drill.

Got the gist of it in the end though– the mirror may only have needed four holes, but it covered up my seven hole mistake quite nicely.

By the time I had finished, Daisy had two rails, a mirror, a removed door (yes, that was meant to happen) and various Ikea flat pack assembled pieces of furniture. I hasten to add that Daisy did actually do an awful lot of painting and assembling. She left me to most of the drilling and cordless screwdriver antics – if only to laugh until she fell over.

One question about student digs. Why do they have to be so filthy? Is it part of the university experience to come out itching?

I have to confess to only taking one shower whilst I was there – and I had to knock back three glasses of wine to launch myself under it.

There are no recipes here – the kitchen was too filthy, hideous and bacterially abundant to do any cooking at all.

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