Monday, 22 June 2009

English Herb and Flower Salad; and how to make a boring green salad scrumptious...

Believe it or not, the English have been great fans of the humble salad for hundreds of years.
In the 17th century, there was even a book written entirely on the 'Salat'.

We loved them, we ate them and we titivated them with edible flowers.

I've been cooking with flowers, decorating with flowers and eating them for at least thirty years.
During the summer I grow lots of different flowers especially for consumption.

Soon, edible flowers will be on every table in the land; chefs will say they are the new, trendy decor.
People will exclaim, 'Why have I never thought of this before?'

Others will turn their noses up, but eventually succumb.

And when this happens, (and it will) I shall sit back in a cosy blanket of smugness and say 'Told you'!

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kitchen said...

Yeah, I like salad too, it is good for health