Thursday, 14 October 2010

Blogged In Norway....

....Who'd have thought it!
The most exciting thing for me is seeing the translation! Soon I fancy, I'll be speaking fluent Norweigan food speak!If that makes any sense at all !

Thanks Maria...I'm so glad you like my book and recipes enough to write about them.....You're a star!

Have a look... X


Maria said...

Thanks Lotte! I've blogged the Almond Meringue now!! A winner!!!

Watch out for more Lotte's Country Kitchen (or "Maria's Norwegian Kitchen") over the coming weeks :-P


Maria said...

I tried your Smoked Salmon Kedgeree yesterday - fabulous! Cheesy Biscuits and Rosé Chicken are next on my list :-p


lotte said...

Hi maria...

Fabulous news! I've popped your link up on twitter!
Glad you liked the of my favourite recipes..x