Friday, 1 August 2008

Saturday 26th July 2008

Phew, what a scorcher!
Needed a lazy day after long, hot one yesterday in London.

Ahem! I was on a photo shoot.

All the recipes I tested on Daisy’s friends worked (yippee) and they were brilliantly shot for the magazine.

Tonight, I had a delicious BBQ in the evening at Robyn and Simon’s house – my next door neighbours. I cooked a wobbly rose wine, sloe gin, blueberry and strawberry jelly for pudding.

Later we all wobbled home and luckily I didn’t wobble into my peonies. My path is old, bumpy and rickety and you always run the chance of destroying a perennial or two when arriving home in the dark and full of wine.

And just when you think you are safely up the path, you are subsequently attacked by suicidal moths hurtling themselves at the outside light as you fumble for the key. Much arm waving, dodging and general panic ensues as you drop the keys, pierce your head with the climbing rose on the wall and eventually stumble through the door skidding straight into a dead mouse the bloody cat has brought home.

Recipe for Rose wine, Sloe Gin and Fruit Jelly without dead mouse. - Available Soon.

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