Monday, 22 September 2008

From the First Officer

Had to put this up on the blog - received this email today from Howard's brother Adrian...see blog below!


And all that.

First Officer Adrian Johnstone ESB MI5 DFC with Bars - Public, Lounge and Cocktail

PS Call me picky but the humble marine gastropod mollusk of the Melonggenidae family found in temperate waters has an H in the English spelling, making it a Whelk.

PPS Wholeheartedly agree Sweetcorn picked and popped straight in the pan for 2 minutes smothered in butter is probably one of the finest and simplest of foods that can be eaten, followed closely by fresh dug Pentland Javelin new potatoes served likewise.....

PPPS Iveagh up the road has made Jan and I some Mulberry vodka, has to mature for a few weeks yet but we will report in due course.

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