Tuesday, 2 December 2008

About time I did some more blogging

Well, I have tried to! But life has just got in the way.....My life has (happily) been rather taken over by my impending QVC show next monday (8th) at Midday....!

Over the last few months I have travelled, eaten, travelled, eaten, travelled and eaten - a lot. All in the pursuit of perfect British produce to sell on my show - what a selfless bird I am!

Last night Daisy took me to see The Kooks in London for an early birthday pressie. I love them - is it cos I'm sooooo down with the kids???? Or is it because I have a slight (and rather weird crush) on the lead singer.....whatever it is, I think they are fab and Daisy and I had the best time. She trained in especially from university for one night to take her mum out - Gawd bless her!

I've also been busy doing my Christmas cookery demonstrations (I've generally done Christmas about six times before the actual day - but never say I don't still have the enthusiasm!) and as of about an hour ago, I have bright blue Christmas lights hanging outside on a large shrub in my front garden. Very badly hung I must say - I'm such a hobbit and you need to be tall with a large bowling swing to get the lights to the top. Mine are around the bottom.

On thursday I am having some Vox Pops filmed here for the show. I'm gathering in all my neighbours and friends to eat the food range, drink the wine and then tell the camera how marvellous they all are. The Husseys will all be present - this is most important as they have been here testing the food range since it's conception. They are the QVC demographic as I keep telling them.
Sassy, 35-65 and gorgeous!

Okay, off to remove the cooked meat from my chicken for the demonstration tomorrow. And to re-arrange (again) the bleeding lights!

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